‘Stonewall’ and Why it’s Important to Shout

Recently, Larry Kramer, AIDS/HIV activist and author of Faggots, took to Facebook in order to defend the new Stonewall movie, saying:

don’t listen to the crazies. for some reason there is a group of “activists” that insists on maintaining their prime importance and participation during this riot. unfortunately there seems no one left alive to say “it wasnt that way at all”, or “who are or where the fuck were you.”

Except there are. Mey of Autostraddle had the opportunity to interview Miss Major Griffen-Gracy to get her thoughts about the new movie and her and her sisters being left out, again. Miss Major is on point (of course she is) and her anger with the movie and its producers justified. These are the stories and the voices that need to be brought to the forefront, especially on their own issues.

We can tell what they (the Mainstream Gay Communnity) have gone through because their shit is on TV and media, and paper, in magazines, in color. I’m so sick of seeing that. You see this everyday. People are trying to live in their authentic self. Figure out who they are. To be the best human being they can be. Not the obnoxious caricature what someone else thinks we should be because of what their concepts are about who we are, why we exist and what we should be doing. I know what we should be doing.

We couldn’t say it better. Miss Major hits on the head exactly how we feel here and want to resist. I won’t be seeing the new Stonewall movie (I can already imagine the family holiday dinner this may spark.). Instead, I suggest supporting and going to see Happy Birthday, Marsha! or Major! a documentary about Miss Major’s life or supporting another one of these trans fundraisers. As conscientious consumers and members of our community, it’s our responsibility to support each other and each other’s voices. That also means calling out those who are doing us harm, even from within the community.

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