Website Updates

We’ve started to get submissions, and we’ve conferred, debated, discussed, and had numerous meetings (not really, but it sounds more dramatic this way) as a staff to decided to reorganize the way in which we bring you great content. Instead of having three publishing venues, we are going to consolidate our monthly “web content” section into our blog in hopes to bring you more voices, more consistently, and in an easier to read format. These submissions will punctuate the articles we’re already publishing on our blog, and we’ll collect them on a separate page for easy access. We’ve already made changes to our website and our submission form to reflect the changes. All you have to do is keep submitting work and sit back to enjoy.

This has been an announcement by your friendly queer magazine staff. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

The Wild Ones Staff

(If you’re interested in submitting a blog article about queer writing, queer books, or writing and reading while queer, send us a short pitch at

(Questions or concerns? Drop us a line here!)

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