What We’re Reading: Lumberjanes

When the hubub about Lumberjanes began, I was very excited about the comic series: a comic about girls and supernatural shenanigans? Count me in!

When it came out, I immediately went to my comic store to see if they had it. They did not. However, a friend gifted me the first volume as he had not enjoyed it.

I have been a fan of Noelle Stevenson’s comics on tumblr, so I was pretty excited for a bigger project like Lumberjanes.  Noelle Stevenson works with Shannon Watters, Grace Ellis, and Brooke Allen to create the Lumberjanes, a comic that centers around the adventures of five young women at a summer camp. The girls are trying to figure out some of the weird happenings and cryptic messages at the camp. There are runs with a bearwoman, fights with foxes, river monsters, yetis and more as the girls try to piece some weird clues together.

The artwork is energetic and fun. The story is driven by friendship as the girls work through their problems together. The girls are diverse, not only in appearance but also personality. April, Jo, Ripley, Mal, and Molly are cabinmates and friends who not only fight to protect each other but at times also use logic and other skills to tackle their problems.  The real icing on the cake for this comic series is that there is a canon queer couple: Mal and Molly. They are often shown with arms around each other, being concerned about the other’s mood or safety, and after a CPR life saving moment and suggested smooching as the proper CPR technique, they are shown blushing and smiling at each other while Jo and April looked on smugly.

Overall, the first seven issues of Lumberjanes was very exciting to read. The characters are refreshing, and this is a comic that I wish had been around when I was younger. I am even more excited to see what happens next.

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